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What's included inside Karate Science PRO?

Discover the 20 Big Themes of Karate Science


Learn the Scientific Key-Methods to develop a more Explosive Karate. There are differences according to the type of Karate or Techniques you prefer…

Flexibility training

Types of Flexibility and their Importance for Karate. Flexibility training must be adapted to your Students’ goals and conditioning.

karate kids

You have the Responsability of improving your Kids and Adolescents’ qualities while respecting their Development and Health.
  1. Plyometric Training
  2. Ballistic Training
  3. Maximal Strength
  4. Explosive Strength
  5. Muscle Power
  6. Change-of-Direction Speed
  7. Complex Training
  8. Hypertrophy (muscle growth)
  1. Strength, Power & Speed
  2. Coordination
  3. Flexibility
  4. Long-Term Development
  5. Critical Periods for Skills Development
  6. Pedagogical Strategies
  7. Decision-Making & Perceptual Skills
  8. Health Development
  9. Training Planning/Periodization
  10. Long-Term COMPETITION ATHLETES’ Development
  11. Psychological Skills
  12. Children Developmental Stages
  13. Motor Learning
  1. Static Passive Stretching
  2. Static Active Stretching
  3. Dynamic Stretching
  4. PNF-Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  5. Ballistic Stretching
  6. No-Rest Intervals Stretching
  7. Resisted Dynamic Stretching
  1. ATR Model
  2. Block Periodization
  3. Non-Linear Flexible Periodization
  4. Bondarchuk Model
  5. Tschiene Model
  6. Myths & Facts
  7. 5 Key-Stones of Periodization
  8. How to Organize the several Training Stimuli/Methods in the same Session, Week and Training Cycle
  1. Nutrition’s Guidelines
  2. Hydration’s Guidelines
  1. Small Sided Games for Karate
  2. Agility Training
  3. Reaction Training
  4. The Best Exercises to Kumite Development
  5. Stimulus Presentation
  6. Speed & Accuracy in Decision-Making
  1. Guidelines for Students with: Ashma; Diabetes; Hypertension; Arthritis; Osteoporosis;
  1. Deaf Karateka
  2. Visually Impaired Karateka
  3. Intellectual Disabilities
  4. Communication & Interaction
  1. Dynamic & Static Balance
  2. Unstable Surfaces/Equipment
  3. Postural Control
  1. Motivation
  2. Focus
  3. Imaging
  4. Personality
  5. Emotions
  6. Stress
  7. Aggressiveness
  1. Kata & Kumite Biomechanics for Better Performance and Injury Prevention
  2. Light-Contact (WKF Rules) & Full-Contact (Kyokushinkai) Skills Development
  1. Bone Strength
  2. Low-Back Pain
  3. Knee & Ankle Pain and Instability
  4. Overweight & Obese Students
  1. Joint & Muscle Injuries
  1. So you can assess if your Karate athletes and students are in the right path
  2. So you can know if your Training plans are reaching the results you want
  1. The Best Warm-up Strategies for every situation and group: competition, athletes, kids, beginners, morning or evening training, etc.
  1. Ultimate Guidelines about Core Training for Karate: for each type of student and goal
  1. Overtraining Prevention
  2. The Effectiveness of Usual Recovery Methods
  3. Cold Water/Ice Immersion
  4. Sleeping
  5. Active Recovery
  6. Stretching
  7. Compression Garments
  8. Massage
  9. Ice
  10. Foam Roller
  11. Kinesio Tape
  12. Hydrotherapy
  13. Relaxation
  1. Aerobic or Anaerobic Endurance: Do they have the same importance for Karate?
  2. How to develop specific-Endurance for Karate?
  3. Endurance Strength
  1. Effects of Aging on Karate Training
  2. How Karate can improve the Quality of Life of Senior Karateka
  1. Where you can learn more about the scientific terms and concepts that we really must keep in some sections of Karate Science PRO

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Karate Science PRO is the only Platform with Easy-to-Follow Content about the 20 Big Themes


24H Access to the Best Scientific Knowledge about Karate


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Videos, eBooks, Charts, Graphics, Online Written Modules…


  • Receive Superficial "Tips" About Karate Training
  • Have Doubts About the Best Training Methods
  • Waste Precious Time and Energy
  • Feel Without Solutions for Each One of Your Groups
  • Be Lost in the Information Chaos


  • Get the Most Updated Scientific Knowledge
  • Be Able to Develop All Your Students and Athletes
  • Be Able to Link Innovation & Tradition
  • Adapt Every New Exercise to the Right Karatekas
  • Save Time, Money, and Energy

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Included in Members Area, this eBook contains fundamental Scientific-Based Knowledge about several issues that you should master as a Karate Sensei or Athlete.

This eBook will take you in a journey where you’ll receive important information about a variety of themes, with a lot of easy-to-read and practical Knowledge!!

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What Karate's world says about karate science academy

Every week, we receive great feedback about our mission, from all over the world.

"As a Karate Instructor I've always tried to develop my students' skills and it's very clear for me that I need to learn every day so I can reach that goal. Karate Science PRO allowed me to find a platform that, from a scientific perspective, brings together, organizes, and explains the best training methods for Karate. Therefore, if you want to take your students to a higher level and want to do it in a planned, effective, and safe way, Karate Science PRO is what you're looking for!"
Oscar Vázquez Casas
Sensei | Spain
Hi, I'm Richard Matias from Philippines, Engineer, Teacher, and Shorin-Ryu Karate-do Instructor. I'm always drawn to logical ways of doing things, specially those backed up with Science. So, from the first time I saw the preview of Karate Science Pro and start absorbing and applying the scientific ways behind it, I knew this could help me become a better Karate Instructor. I started to run my own Dojo this year and I found a strong platform thru Karate Science Pro. This makes me feel more competent and confident as Instructor and helped me calibrate the training programs of my students. Maximizing the benefits of this online platform reflects thru the performance improvements of my students. Karate Science Pro is a great platform to have specially at the start-up stage where you can utilize a fail-safe guide in sharing the knowldege and beauty of Martial Arts.
Richard Matias
Sensei | Philippines

It’s impossible to memorize all the Knowledge you’ll receive!!!

Karate Science PRO was developed to be an Extension of your Brain so you can have a quick access to Scientific-Based answers.

We will pack a lot into the next months inside Karate Science PRO, and we want to make sure that you try the platform before you fully commit to it. You have the possibility to take your money back, you’ll have until 15 Days to let it digest, integrate all the knowledge you will receive into your daily Karate life, and make sure this is really what you need to step-up to the Next Level of Knowledge.

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This is a 15 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is the time you have to decide if Karate Science PRO is right for you and your students/athletes!

Karate Science Pro Packaging

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  • Online Written Modules
  • Videos, Images, Charts...
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  • eBook "300-Pages of Karate Science"
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  • Online Written Modules
  • Videos, Images, Charts...
  • 15 Days Full Guarantee
  • New Content, Regularly
  • Exclusive Facebook VIP Group
  • 24 Hour Access
  • eBook "300-Pages of Karate Science"

5% of each sale will be used to support specific research in Karate.


No! The main goal of Karate Science PRO is to be a Bridge between Scientific Research and all Dojos in the World. In Karate Science Academy, we work everyday to give you simple and practical knowledge.

Don’t worry! Karate Science PRO is not like a book where you have to follow chapter after chapter just to find the knowledge you are looking for a given question. Our Online Platform is like a “Search Engine” of Karate Science where you can search for the answers you need.

Yes! Karate Science PRO will always include the best methodologies so your athletes can reach their full potential while preventing injury risk.

Science doesn’t know the difference between Modern and Traditional Karate! Human Movement is Human Movement… If you have students that train Karate for self-development, health, self-defence or leisure you will receive great knowledge, every week, that will help them to achieve their goals.

No! Just think about the Seminars where you spend up to 200 USD for 2 days of incomplete or even wrong information. Or the University Degrees where you spend thousands of dollars and even so the knowledge you get is incomplete and gets out-of-date in just 2 years. And the Scientific Books that can cost you up to 70 or 80 USD and already come in the bookstores out-of-date, because they take at least 1 year (generally 2 years) from the phase of information gathering to the readers’ hands.

With Karate Science PRO for a low but fair price you will have weekly and updated Scientific Knowledge about Karate.  

Of course not! For superficial tips you have a bunch of places to go (especially online). Karate Science PRO will teach you everything you need to learn about a theme in a simple and practical way.

Yes! Nowadays, you have access to huge, huge amounts of information… The challenge is to distinguish the proven answers for your doubts about Karate. Karate Science PRO will not only give you updated knowledge, but also help you to develop the skills to find more answers in the chaos! You’ll be able to use all the ideas you can find on YouTube in the correct way…

You’ll have Instant Access to Karate Science PRO, after the payment is confirmed. The exception is on our Exclusive Pre-Sale. If you’re going to take advantage of the 50% Promotion over the original price you’ll receive full access as soon as we make the Official Launch of the platform.

No Problem! Karate Science PRO is like a “search engine” where you can look for the specific knowledge you need, without having to read everything…

But if you are a book lover, you’ll also have access to several Ebooks inside the platform.

Yes! Karate Science PRO is a reliable product because is a platform with faces behind it. The creators (Pedro Candeias and Fábio Lopes) are flesh-and-bone human beings with an opened presence in Facebook. They have real and well-succeded lifes that they don’t want to ruin with a bad online reputation :).

Besides that, Karate Science PRO will send you, via Hotmart, a legal receipt of your payment. Hotmart is one the biggest and more respected online payment platforms in the World!

No problem! That’s our job… Making it for you. Every week, you’ll receive new content directly from the sources: original researches, systematic reviews, meta-analysis. 

Today the problem is not lack of information, but Information Overload!! Everyone has a tip to give, an opinion, a personal experience… You can find many blogs that write things according to wrong or incomplete information.

In Karate Science PRO you’re be able to see which are the sources of the knowledge you get in the platform. The knowledge we seek come directly from Scientific Sources like original researches, meta-analysis and systematic reviews.

YouTube is great for new exercises’ ideas, but you really have to learn, WHEN, WHO and HOW to use them.

Karate Science PRO will have a list of all the Scientific Sources from which we take the knowledge included inside the platform. That list is updated everytime we integrate new conent. 

Don’t worry… We created an “Easy-to-Follow Science Dictionary” where you can consult all the scientific concepts that we really have to include in the content. The concepts are explained in a clear language, with practical examples, and with images (whenever its needed).

You can access to Karate Science PRO from you Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook wherever you have Internet connection. This way you can consult the platform anytime you need!

Of course! Kids and Adolescents are the future of Karate… And will be one of the Top Priorities of Karate Science PRO!

You’ll feel much more secure in giving your younger Karateka the best and most adapted training methods to each developmental stage.

You can choose from 3 types of Plans to access Karate Science PRO: 1) Annual Plan; 2) Bi-Annual Plan; 3) Monthly Plan. In the Annual Plan you have access to the platform for 12 months; with the Bi-Annual Plan you have it for 24 months; finally, in the Monthly Plan you can quit anytime you want. 

Yes! As long as you have an Internet connection you can access Karate Science PRO from your Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook.

Karate Science PRO have 2 Plans: 1) Annual Plan – 149,90 USD; 2) Bi-Annual Plan – 249, 90 USD; To this price will be added the VAT of your country.

Don’t worry… Karate Science PRO will help you to take advantage of the full potential of what you already train. No matter the style or organization!

If you find out that what you have been training for many, many years is scientifically wrong you have two options: 1) you change to the right path, no matter what; 2) or you choose to continue following your Master.

But remember that if your Master is not open to evolution and knowledge maybe he or her isn’t a true Master 🙂

No! Karate Science PRO was created exactly to take Scientific Research to every Sensei, no matter the educational degree. As long as you really want to learn you’ll grow with Karate Science PRO…

Yeah! We feel the same way… That’s why Karate Science PRO was created. To differenciate real knowledge from noise!

Karate Science PRO is cheap because it wouldn’t make sense to create an expensive product if our mission is to take Scientific Knowledge to all Dojos in the World! Karate Science PRO is a huge task that we’ve embraced, but we don’t want it to be inaccessible to the majority of Karate Instructors. 

No! Karate Science PRO is for the Senseis that really want to step-up to the next level of knowledge about Karate training. If you are only searching for superficial tips or miraculous methods you are in the wrong place!

That’s one of our main concerns, too! Karate practice only makes sense if you can help your students or athletes to improve their performance WHILE protecting or even improving their Health. Karate Science PRO will give you the most recent and solid knowledge published in the best Scientific specialized publications!

That’s great! You’re lucky and you really have to learn how to use all the equipment so your Karate students or athletes can reach their full potential. Karate Science PRO is the right place to be!

No problem! If you really understand Karate Science you’ll develop great strategies and methods for your students and athletes. We’ll give you exercises and the scientific principles behind them!

No! Karate Science PRO is like a like a supplement that boosts your Karate and even your organization. We don’t want to be an alternative, but a complement.

If you really think that Karate Science PRO doesn’t help you to step up to the next level of teaching and training you the following options, according to your payment plan:

  • If you subscribe the Annual or the Bi-Annual Plans you have 30 days to access and use Karate Science PRO. If you don’t want to receive more Scientific-proven Knowledge send us an e-mail and we refund your money.
  • If you choose the Monthly Plan you can unsubscribe Karate Science PRO whenever you want.

So we can refund you from your first 30 days (Annual or Bi-Annual Plans) or cancel your Monthly Plan, you just need to e-mail us to

Note: These conditions apply from August 20th 2017. For the Pre-Sale, please read the Guarantee above-mentioned on this site. 

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